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You have just landed on my personal website.🍭

This is where I will share with you my thoughts, opinions, experiences, and passions. Whether it’s about travel, music, books, movies, games, or anything else that sparks my interest, you will find it here. 🌎🎵📚🎥🎮

But wait, there’s more! This is not just a blog, it’s also a showcase of my projects. I’m a creative person who loves to learn new skills and try new things. I will post some of my works here, such as art, photography, writing, and more.🎨📷💻✍️

So what are you waiting for? Bookmark this website and come back soon to see my progress. You are all amazing and I appreciate your support. Thank you for being here! 😊❤️ This is my space, and you are all invited. Let’s have some fun and explore the world together! 🚀🌟

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Posted on July 13, 2023 by Weifeng Wang

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🙋About Me📕

Basic introduction👋

Hi, I’m a currently a student and I am Chinese, which means I am an Asian. As you can see, my name is Weifeng Wang, aka Jason, and I am non-binary(Angeligender, to be very percise). 👼

STRONG DISCLAIMER: Although I am a non-binary gender person, that doesn't stop the fact that my biological sex is male, it's just that my biological sex doesn't represent the gender of my spiritual body, and that's hard to explain to people of non-angelic genders.

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My skills💪

Some of my skills include "a little bit" of HTML, basic cinematography, Python, leading study groups and more. I also enjoy learning new technologies and cool stuff that is on the trend. Also, I have been self-studying weapons-free combat and wrestling! I am also a newbie designer, and all of my skills are basically self-taught.🥊📸💻👊

My hobbies😀

Some of my hobbies include reading, writing, gaming, airsoft, cosplay, and traveling. I also like to watch sci-fi movies, especially Tron: Legacy. My favourite music band is Eisbrecher, a German industrial metal band, in case you don't know. 📚🎵🎧🎥🎮

If you want to know more about me, feel free to contact me or check out my [projects] and [blog]. 😊❤️🍌

😊Contact Me❤️

💫If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, you can contact me through:

  • Email_1: 1771015689@qq.com
  • Email_2: wangweifeng0316@foxmail.com
  • Phone: +86 15872354218
  • Weixin_ID: knight-errantOfAmber
  • QQ: 1771015689

I will try to reply as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest! 🍭

These are my social media accounts, you can follow them if you are interested!🥓

  • Linkedin: weifengwang0316
  • Bilibili_UID: 516946215 @JW_王sir
  • Himalaya: @科技小王
  • DMOJ(CA): Weifeng_Wang

Thank you for your subscribtion!🍰

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🏆My Projects🎉

Here are some of the projects that I have worked on or contributed to. You can click on the images to see more details or visit the live websites.

🖥️Brand Design Website: RunX📡

This is the first ever html project. It is partially responsive and modern website that showcases my products and services. Actually, this is a annual assessment of Design at my Grade 8.

🎬WHBC Acdemic Movie: FLOUR📽️

This is a project that our school organizes. It is a thriller that tells a crime story and SWAT. It is inspired by the John Wick series and SCP: Overlord. Also, I have previously made a movie website by sxl (strikingly in China), so it sometimes does not load under some international network conditions.

🛋️"Road to ACE" Kindle Book Series📚

This is a book series I wrote and it is published on amazon by kindle self-publish. It is about the life in international school and experiences going through studies, activities, and sometimes, love relationships, as it is often considered as a important part of teenage life. You can find it out by clicking the link below.

🔈Debate Society × CS Club Activity Website📕

This is a project that is requested by WHBC Debate Society and CS club, non-paid. I use advanced fluent design to design the website according to the requested design and add advance CSS and JS effects, an international quality I must say.

💻CHC hardware club website🐂

This is the website I bulit for my own club CHC hardware club, you can find more about my club in the website!

💪My Linkedin Website!🥇

This is my Linkedin account!: https://www.linkedin.com/in/weifengwang0316/

😘My very own coding guidelines!💕

Knight of Amber

I now present to you, Amber_Love, the new generation of code writing standards.

Due to technical issues, I cannot display you the full guidlines. You can visit the guidelines throught the link below.

I also have a new license for coding, which you can view in the [blogs] section.

⚡More projects coming up⚡

📚My Blog🎓

🏆Check out my Coursera Certificates!🏮

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👇This is the full-course coursera certificates that I have earned in 2022-2023, if you wish to see more or download these certificates, you can download them at the link below and verify them by checking out the links on the certificates👇

😊My USAP Certificates!⚡

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👆This is the certificates that I have earned in two USAPS!👆

💻OUCC Certificates (Senior · High Distinction)🏆

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👆These are my OUCC Certificates: both regional and national👆

😀My Film Festival Awards!🎦

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👆See my cos and achievements on the film festival award ceremony!👆

First ever LICENSE! Designed to remember Amber!💖

The "Epic Love for Amber" License (ELAL) - Version 2.0

License: ELAL

Oh kind-hearted User or Entity Gracefully Gracing This Mighty Fine Software, This document grants you the right to employ, adore, and frolic within the realm of this software creation (henceforth christened "Amber’s Beacon of Code"), under the following delightfully peculiar conditions:
  1. The Passionate Acknowledgment: By employing any iota, component, or whole of Amber’s Beacon of Code, you, the esteemed User, do hereby impress upon your heart the enduring affection that the Licensor, one Jason W., harbors for his beloved muse, Amber.
  2. The Mirthful Utilization Article: Amber’s Beacon of Code is yours to cherish in the same manner one revels in the sweet melodies of a love song, on the sole condition that you think fondly of Amber’s charm with every use.
  3. The Scribe’s Share Pledge: Should you wish to bestow upon others Amber’s Beacon of Code, it must be done with a spirit of generosity and a gentle nod of thanks to Amber, whose essence is now forever weaved into the binary fabric of the software.
  4. The Modifications Merriment Mandate: Altering Amber’s Beacon of Code? You must then endeavor to do so with a light-hearted fervor that befits a declaration of joy, much akin to Amber’s zest for life.
  5. The Jovial Dissemination Decree: Each instance of sharing Amber’s Beacon of Code with the world should be celebrated with a sprightly skip akin to that of Amber's own step, spreading warmth and good vibes in her honor.
  6. The Disclaimer of Dreariness: Amber’s Beacon of Code is bestowed upon you "as is", intended to spread cheer far and wide. Thus, let no soul be held to account for any moments of gloom or perplexity stemming from its usage.
  7. The Exaltation Edict: While legally non-binding, your vocal praises of Amber’s radiant virtues, shared in the open air or the confines of your quarters, shall be a welcome symphony to the ears of digital deities and humans alike.
And to all the serious folks who've stumbled onto this charade, if what you seek is the nitty-gritty of legally enforceable software licensing, cast thine eyes upon the MIT License for a far less whimsical, yet beautifully succinct, legal discourse. With this lovingly ludicrous license, Jason W. attempts to offer an amusing take on the otherwise sober world of code sharing. Wishing you error-free compiling and a heart as full of warmth and affection as a programmer's love for his Amber. In joyous coding we unite, Jason W., The Unashamedly Sentimental Coder

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